Diane Wing, M.A.,  is a multi-published author of dark fantasy fiction, cozy mysteries, and enlightening non-fiction.  Diane is introducing a new mystery series called Chrissy’s Mysteries in 2018.

Wing’s books create a transformational experience for the reader while incorporating a bit of the unexpected. Many say that her fiction has a sense of Karmic justice rendered within the realm of the unknown and that her non-fiction brings about a heightened awareness of the self and the world to enhance understanding of our own internal transformations.

Diane is an avid reader, bibliophile, lover of trees and animals, and a lifelong learner. She and her husband are pet parents to a sweet little Shih Tzu named Chrissy.

It’s Here!

In the second installment of Chrissy’s Mysteries, Chrissy digs up clues to help Autumn solve a historical disappearance and a modern-day murder mystery

Autumn Clarke is getting her life back to normal with the help of her extraordinary shih tzu, Chrissy, when the death of a local philanthropist reveals the man’s dark family secrets, as well as unexpected ties to Autumn. When Chrissy discovers a dog-eared diary in the dead man’s family home, Autumn discovers that things in the Clarke family are not quite as they seem. Can Autumn interpret the hidden clues in the dog-eared diary to crack the most puzzling disappearance in Knollwood history? Are the recent murders connected to the past? Is Chrissy more insightful than Autumn realized?

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Attorney-at-Paw by Diane Wing

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Book 1 in the Chrissy’s Mysteries series